I have listed below some questions I am often asked, Feel free to get in touch using the contact page if you have any further questions.

It’s often described as similar to having their brows tweezed or waxed. We apply Numbing cream and this can be reapplied throughout the treatment if needed
Firstly I measure and then draw on the eyebrow shape before treatment. This way we can make an eyebrow perfect for your face shape and taste. One size certainly does not fit all! Rest assured your eyebrows will be yours alone.
No, I try to work with any existing eyebrow hair you may have, This keeps grooming maintenance to a minimum. Any hairs that do not complement the new shape of your brow are tweezered away. We will never shave your brows off.
This is avoidable. Having a specialist proficient in colour theory will help you select a colour that will save on costly correction procedures at a later date.
Yes, With natural hair stroke eyebrows, they will be slightly dry for a few days and as they heal inside and out. The dry skin will flake.
As your face and colouring changes over time, you will need the flexibility to change with it. This is what is so great about semi permanent make up. A Regular tattooist ink will change to a grey-green over time and that’s forever! I use pharmaceutical grade pigments for the face and a digital machine that is designed to be gentle.
It is certainly not advisable. Licences and insurance need to be obtained by and can only be granted to qualified, skilled technicians after inspection of the premises. If someone offers to come to your home be wary.
Yes always. The eyebrows are measured and drawn on to make sure you like the shape before we apply semi permanent make up. It is only then that we can proceed.
There are a number of important factors involved in choosing a pigment colour for eyebrows such as, Skin tone, natural brow colour and hair colour are but a few. We will talk through how natural you would like them and as the treatment involves two procedures we can always add more colour gradually.