Natural Semi Permanent Makeup

Natural Semi Permanent Makeup

Natural Semi Permanent Brows

Many women believe Semi permanent brows are dark, unnatural and block shaped, this is far from the truth!

Shape & Style:
My idea of a perfect brow is to not know that they have been done at all almost like a secret brow. I can create fuller, thicker brows using a very fine needle called a nano needle. I am able to mimic the natural brow hair which appears as a subtle line which looks just like a brow hair. The nano needle is also the digital version of a microblade.

One thing to bear in mind when looking at brow shapes – no brow is ever the same. All my brows are bespoke to each individual who comes in. The reason? Simple answer is everyone has different face shapes, eye shapes and bone structures.

Using my BE.U Pigment range I am able to mix together colours which will suit each individual. I can warm up tones and cool tones down. This will allow brows to fade in a natural colour over time and not with blue or orange Hues which some patients worry about.

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