Tattoo Removal

Over the years Naomi has treated both men and women who wish to remove or fade unwanted tattoos from all over the face and body. Naomi uses a number of techniques including laser tattoo removal and Rejuvi. It will be discussed in consultation which would be best for your tattoo and to achieve the results you want.

Some people would just like to fade a tattoo for a cover up, others want the tattoo to be removed completely, which is possible for both.

The below images show the removal process of a tattoo I am currently removing, using an NdYag Laser.

Unfortunately, yes all removal techniques can be uncomfortable.
It is a very difficult question to answer. It roughly takes between 6 – 10 treatments to remove, however it does depend on the depth of the ink and which ink has been used.
Yes, it is possible to treat the tattoo a couple of times to remove the ink enough for a tattooist to cover up with a new tattoo.

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